Employment opportunities

Physical Therapist

The Cypress Center has a wonderful opportunity for an experienced Physical Therapist to join a small team of Physical Therapists that are passionate about patient care and career development.

  • We use a variety of techniques including Pilates, Yoga, Maitland, Muscle Energy Techniques, Mulligan, McKenzie, Kinesiotape, and Functional Exercise. We place a strong emphasis on increasing the skills of our therapists through a combination of continuing education and mentoring from experienced therapists

  • Strong manual skills and Pilates experience preferred

  • Benefits of working at The Cypress Center include:

-We spend one hour with every patient
-We do not use aides or assistants
-We provide freedom of practice
-Flexible work schedules
-Flexible and competitive compensation package with opportunity for growth
(health insurance, 401k, paid time off, continuing education, parking)
-We work alongside other health and wellness professionals (Acupuncturist, Massage Therapists, Pilates Instructors)

Please email resume and cover letter to rachel@thecypresscenter.com or fax  @ 310-573-9533

Women's Health Physical Therapist

Our program is growing! We have a wonderful opportunity for a skilled Women's Health Physical Therapist to work alongside an existing position and line of service within our clinic. Our Women's Health Program began in May 2014. Evaluations and treatments are one hour, maximizing quality of care. The position includes flexible hours and the ability to function as an Independent Contractor or an Employee. The option of additional orthopedic hours are possible if the applicant desires this. 

Learn more about our Women's Health Practice

Please email resume and cover letter to rachel@thecypresscenter.com or fax  @ 310-573-9533

Pilates Instructor

We are now hiring a part-time experienced Pilates Instructor to join our talented staff.

  • We are looking for an excellent candidate to join our experienced instructors, trained through the most comprehensive teacher training program today (BASI)

  • In addition, our instructors are specially trained by Physical Therapists to work with people who have pain, injuries, neurological conditions or other fitness challenges. Our Physical Therapists work closely with our Pilates instructors and are available for consultation with the instructors and/or clients whenever desired

  • Our clinic is a yearly host site for the BASI Pilates Teacher Training course

  • Our current Instructors include BASI Faculty Members involved with the prestigious Mentor and Master Program

Please email resume and cover letter to samantha@thecypresscenter.com or fax  @ 310-573-9533