I am super passionate about endurance athletics and I enjoy pushing myself to faster times and longer races in triathlon, running, cycling, open water swim, mountain bike, adventure races, duathlon and more. That passion fills my days as my hobby and, as a triathlon coach, my profession. There have been some occasions when I’ve overdone it, when I’ve gotten injured. The Cypress Center has been my primary source for healing for many years. Every one of their therapists is a licensed PT and I have been perfectly cared for through their one-on-one approach. My faith in the Cypress Center is complete and I have gone on to refer many athletes to them for great success. Thank you Cypress for taking such great care of the athletic community here in Los Angeles.

Ian Murray
Endurance athlete and LA Tri Club coach

“The Cypress Center in Pacific Palisades- a long time sponsor of my triathlon club Samantha and her team have sorted out my knees on many occasions. They literally got me from "unable to walk down stairs" to "finishing an Ironman" in about two months. Miracle workers.”

-Konrad Ribeiro
Endurance Athlete 

I have participated is several triathlons since 2000 and I have suffered numerous injuries and have been plagued by unexplained chronic soreness and weakness in certain parts of my body.  My most recent ailments were numbness and pain in my arm and hand, numbness in my foot and pain in my hip.  Most health professionals gave me isolated solutions to my problems but Brooke Winder P.T., DPT, OCS, was able to explain what was causing my suffering in just a 60 minute evaluation.  The amount of knowledge and skill she demonstrated was very impressive.  I feel I have a complete road map to putting myself back together now.  I thought that the forces of nature and my genetics were going to end my participation in triathlons, but now I know what I need to work on, which makes me feel very optimistic about my future.  I want to give special thanks to Samantha Wood, who is triathlete and has supported the triathlon community with her knowledge and expertise as a physical therapist, what she has provided gives normal middle aged people like me, the means to do extraordinary things.

-Steven Chiamori

“I would not have been able to complete the 11 mile ocean swim I did last summer without the one-on-one care I received from Cypress Center.  The warm, open atmosphere promotes healing, and my physical therapist, curbed the pain in my shoulders by showing me the proper strengthening exercises. She continuously made sure I was performing them accurately between sessions.  She also advised me on how to tailor my swim training so I didn’t exacerbate my shoulders but still was able to do most of the necessary workouts.  During our physical therapy sessions, she worked her magic and I had absolutely no pain during the entire 7 hour swim.  I have to say, I was amazed, as I had come in pretty dispirited, with a lot of shoulder trouble.  I am very grateful for the Cypress Center for making this swim possible.” 

-Alexandra Paul
Endurance Athlete, Actress

When I came to The Cypress Center with back and shoulder problems in early January I had a large cloud hanging over my head.  But thanks to all of you my shoulder pain is virtually gone and my back has come leaps and bounds and is still making progress.  Recently, I played a game of tennis which gave me the joy I had been missing for almost a year and a half.  The one activity in life that gives me pleasure is playing sports, and all of you have revitalized that.

Thank you all once again.
Very best,
Matthew Kinzelberg

I just wanted to write a letter to you telling you how amazing the Cypress Center is.  It has literally changed my life.  The amazing skill of the therapists, the ambiance and the support at Cypress is unique and truly fantastic.  I came to you post knee surgery and not only did the therapy help me heal my knee to the point that it was good as new, it also helped balance some problems and weaknesses that I had pre-surgery.  It was through Sam’s observations about the progress of my knee that I (and my orthopedic surgeon) were able to diagnose a bone cyst on my hip which was the result of an old moped accident.  It had never been properly diagnosed before and I had chronic pain and problems with it that were then finally addressed!  In fact, the Doctor’s opinion was that my knee injury was probably caused by this weakness in my hip in the first place! 

During my pregnancy this year, when my doctor suggested Physical Therapy for some complications – I knew exactly who to turn to.  It has been a true blessing to be able to work with the therapists throughout this pregnancy.  In addition to all of that…it has been an unbelievable pleasure to meet each and every one of you – you and Jackson the dog have truly lit up my life and I thank you.

Very Warmest Regards,


Over the last year your group has been working hard to get a golf professional into shape to compete with the best in the world.  I may not be on the PGA Tour yet, but I am going in the right direction to accomplish my goals.

One of the most important aspects necessary to compete everyday at the highest level is physical conditioning.  With your help, I am stronger and more flexible than ever before.  Even though the yoga did not work out as well as we would have liked, the Pilates has been tremendous.  It is amazing to see how many athletes are now stronger due to these exercises.  I can’t thank you enough for how much this has helped my game and my life.  The attention you have given me has been incredible and sincere.  It is great to have friends like you that support me in my pursuit of getting on the Tour.

There is no wonder that so many of dad’s patients come to see your group.  Everyone always has a smile on their face and is truly concerned about every patient that steps through the door.  This is unbelievable that this could be true with ten women in such a confined space; I don’t know how you do it!

I look forward to great things this year in my game and have you guys to thank for it.  Surely I could not have done it without your guidance and help.  I cannot thank you enough.

Best Regards,
Sandy Horacek