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We are an innovative Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, owned and operated by two physical therapists. Our mission is to provide the community with professional and progressive physical therapy and wellness services in a caring and nurturing environment, and to facilitate healing and optimum health for all our clients.

Physical Therapy at The Cypress Center begins with a thorough initial evaluation and skilled assessment in order to determine each client's personalized course of treatment. We set the highest standard of care with each treatment session being 50 minutes of one-on-one manual and/or exercise therapy with a licensed physical therapist. Additionally, we offer Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Women's Health, Private Yoga, and individual Pilates instruction by certified instructors.

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BASI Pilates Teacher Training

We host BASI Pilates Teacher Training course every year. The next course begins March 30th, 2019. Find out more at https://www.basipilates.com/education/class/pacific-palisades-ca-fp-19/ or call 866-992-2742 for more information.

BASI Pilates teacher training is an intensive academic program for anyone who is serious about making a profession of Pilates.The curriculum covers physiology, applied anatomy, the theory of movement, the principles of alignment and posture, exercise assessment and teaching methodologies, as well as an in-depth introduction to the classical Pilates repertoire and its appropriate application. The program includes several unique methodologies that have made BASI teacher training the most contemporary and exciting of its kind.

We are proud partners of the LA Tri Club

We have been working with LA Tri Club members and coaches for over 10 years. We are pleased to offer all LA Tri Club members a 20% discount on their Initial Evaluation with a licensed physical therapist. Call to make your appointment today! We know overuse injuries are common for athletes and a speedy recovery in the initial stage of injury is paramount for return to sport and competition.

When I came to The Cypress Center with back and shoulder problems in early January I had a large cloud hanging over my head. But thanks to all of you my shoulder pain is virtually gone and my back has come leaps and bounds and is still making progress.
- Matthew Kinzelberg

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Now Available!

Pilates for Rehabilitation

by Samantha Wood

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Available for purchase at

The Cypress Center

and online from 

BASI PilatesHuman Kinetics
and Amazon.com

Pilates for Rehabilitation explains how to incorporate Pilates exercises into rehabilitation programs to heal injuries, improve core strength, promote efficient movement, and help manage pain.  In addition to step-by-step instructions for Pilates apparatus and mat work, you will learn the indications and contraindications of each exercise and the primary muscles involved so you can determine when the exercise is appropriate for each client. Modifications and progressions allow for adaptation of exercises based on the stage of rehabilitation or the severity of the injury or condition being treated. Suggested exercise programs, organized by common orthopedic injuries in anatomical regions, offer the flexibility to tailor a program to the specific needs of each client.

You Don't Need a Physician Referral to See Your Physical Therapist! 

Consumers are not required to have a referral or diagnosis in order to receive physical therapist services in the State of California. Physical therapist services may be obtained without a physician's referral if you are a cash carrying patient, receiving treatment for up to 45 calendar days/12 visits, receiving health and wellness services, or if you are a UnitedHealthCare or Medicare beneficiary. Please note: some health insurance companies require a referral in order for your provider to be paid. Please confirm your benefit requirements by reviewing your coverage documents or calling member services of your respective insurance company. The contact number to your insurance company is listed on the back of your health insurance identification card.

The Cypress Center is proud to announce our new wellness partner: Sonki Fitness

Sonki Fitness is a premier fitness company with one basic goal in mind: to get you in the best shape of your life, for life! Our philosophy is that fitness should be a lifelong journey, not a short sprint. We not only strive to get you in the best shape of your life in optimal time but also help you make fitness a lifelong habit. We do this through world class instructions, positive reinforcement, mental training, and safe, effective, and fun exercises. We provide complete fitness programs for all ages and levels. Services include boot camp, personal, group, and corporate training, and fitness vacations. We are based in Santa Monica, CA, and provide services throughout the Los Angeles area.