Brooke Manijeh Porcelli
BASI Pilates Instructor

Brooke Manijeh Porcelli is a Certified Pilates Instructor in BASI (Body Arts & Science International) with additional specializations in Dance and Rehabilitation. She has been teaching pilates at The Cypress Center since 2005, with emphasis on total body conditioning, core strengthening and lumbar spine rehabilitation. As a lead pilates instructor for over five years, Brooke incorporates pilates based techniques in her Belly Dance classes and has currently developed and teaches Belly Dance Bootcamp-a combination of intense pilates core strengthening exercises combined with belly dance technique and choreography.

Brooke is active in the Pilates community, continues her education in specialties such as injuries to the shoulder and her own nemesis- the lower back. Her own injury to the lumbar spine was endured in a severe car accident that temporarily paralyzed her. Not only did she have to relearn how to walk, she also gained a deep appreciation of the body. Passionate about Middle Eastern Dance and Flamenco, Brooke has toured with professional dance companies throughout the USA, Europe and Asia. To maintain strength, stamina and flexibility, her dance injuries led her into the healing world of Pilates and rehabilitation.

Brooke is an L.A. native born and raised and comes to the Cypress Center with an extensive range of experience in the Dance and Music Industry as well a diverse education in Cultural Arts, Languages, and Community Arts. She received her B.A. from UCLA in both World Arts and Cultures and Italian, and is a recipient of a research study grant for the Universita' di Bologna, Italy. She thrives on being a Community Arts Activist - has helped develop creative arts programs for high-risk youth in Los Angeles as well as intercultural dance programs for children and young adults while she lived in Hawaii. In addition, she assisted a prominent L.A. film composer whose film scores have received numerous Grammies and been nominated for 4 Academy Awards. She speaks fluent English, Italian, conversational Spanish and Farsi, loves living by the beach, runs, plays the ukulele and travels.

Brooke is currently in process of becoming a certified yoga instructor with specializations in rehab, fertility and pregnancy. As a transcontinental family, Brooke and her family travel to Italy every year to work and spend time with her husband's family. During her pregnancies she maintains stability and strength through her practice in pilates, yoga and body rolling.

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