Andrew Maksym

Licensed Massage Therapist

Andrew was born in Warsaw, Poland and graduated from the Professional Medical University in Konstancin. His first experience was in physiotherapy and medical massage for orthopedic conditions at the prestigious Psycho-Neurology Institute in Warsaw. He then worked at the Warsaw Sport Center, mastering in sport massage and treating top Polish athletes. Andrew then moved to Canada to work with the Canadian Olympic Track and Field team as their massage therapist. After five years of working with the Olympians he decided to relocate to Los Angeles. His career continued with the International Sportsmedicine Institute in West Los Angeles under Dr.LeRoy Perry Jr. DC.

Andrew’s portfolio not only includes massage therapy for Poland’s top athletes and the Canadian Olympians, but on the U.S. side he’s worked with professional athletes such as Wilt Chamberlain, Maurice Greene, Marie-Jose Perec, and Cathy Freeman. His has also worked with various celebrities.

Andrew’s specialties include massage therapy for back and neck pain, stress reduction, and sport performance enhancement. His techniques include a combination of deep tissue, sport, and medical massage.                                                                                                             

                                                                          Andrew is available Mondays and by special appointment. 

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