Lea Norin
BASI Pilates Instructor

Lea is happy to be back at The Cypress Center teaching Pilates as she began her career with Cypress in 2005 as a front desk receptionist. She then began studying Pilates in her early twenties, as she was drawn to the practice through her own personal battle with scoliosis. Due to her condition and experience, Lea's teaching philosophy focuses on safe and effective strengthening and stretching techniques. Lea enjoys the never ending learning experience Pilates offers and she makes an effort to continuously seek new opportunities of study. Lea enjoys the ability to work with Physical Therapists at The Cypress Center. By working alongside PTs, she has developed a deeper insight of movement, and learned how to work effectively with injured clients.

Recently Lea studied yoga with Bryan Kest in Tulum, Mexico. After completing the Body Arts and Science International Comprehensive Teacher Training in 2007, she was craving another curriculum to blend into her teaching. Lea has been practicing yoga since she was 15 and Pilates since 2004.

Lea's goal with all of her clients is to improve their posture by enhancing body awareness and alignment techniques while incorporating a stretch and strengthening program. Her aim is to have all of her clients leave their Pilates session feeling better than they did when they came in!

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